Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Can I Restore Lost Music on HTC One?

Recover deleted music from HTC One
I've been using my HTC One smartphone for a couple of months. It’s really a good handset for shooting high quality photos and playing HD videos. Moreover, I stored many songs on it in order to listen to pop music on the go. Unfortunately, last time I lent my phone to my little sister and she deleted some of the songs! I've never backed up music on any other places! Can you help me recover deleted music on HTC One?

It’s technologically possible to get the wiped music back from the phone. Of course, some tools are needed to do the recovery. Here we need 2 things: a Macintosh computer and a Mac based data recovery tool. To make a long story short, when you connect the phone to the Mac, then run this data recovery tool, it would be easy and convenient to retrieve deleted songs from HTC One. To help you know more about the tool, a detailed music restoration process will be introduced below.

Step 1 Choose File Recovery Mode
Plug the HTC One into the Mac with USB cable, and then open the data recovery tool. Here you can see the user interface with 3 options for your choice.
Step 1 choose file recovery mode
  • File Recovery, a mode that provides you with the allowance to recover all the deleted files by deep scan all the recognized files stored on each sector. This mode is mainly used to recover files from a computer hard drive.
  • Photo Recovery, a mode mainly designed to only recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible photos, videos and music files. Compared with File Recovery, it will save a lot of time. 
  • Lost Partition Recovery, a mode that enables you to scan hard drive and other mass storage devices for lost or deleted volumes and then recover the files.
Step 2 Select Disk
Choose Photo Recovery mode in the previous step. Now we need to decide a disk to recover files. Since we have hooked the HTC One to the Mac, here we choose the phone's name as the disk. Then hit the Next button.
Step 2 select disk

Step 3 Scanning Music Files
The tool is scanning the phone. Depends on how many music files had been stored and then lost from HTC One, it usually takes couples of minutes to finish this step.
Step 3 scanning music files

Step 4 Recover Lost Songs from HTC One
When scanning is done, all the deleted music is listed on the left side. Find the deleted music by simply clicking on the audio folder. Double-click or press space to preview (listen to) them. Then choose the music files you need and hit the Recover button to start recovering music from HTC One.
Step 4 recover lost songs from HTC One

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