Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Lovely Easter Flash Games For Kids

Easter is one of the most important days for westerns. On that day, people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. For modern people, we can make and send Easter ecards to our friends, draw Easter eggs for our kids or take the kids to the countryside and feel the spring. There are lots of meaningful Easter ideas for us, of course.

Here I've collected some lovely Easter flash games for kids. If you or your children think they are interesting, please feel free to download Easter flash games with this Free flash downloader. Enjoy the holiday as well as the free download flash games!

No.1 Easter Avenger EX
Introduction: Use your colorful Easter Egg Hero in order to bat down the ghostly eggs.
Easter Avenger EX 001
Easter Avenger EX 002
How to play:
Use Arrow Keys to move. Use mouse to aim at targets, click the mouse to shoot ghostly eggs.
Play Easter Avenger EX online:

No 2. Easter Golf
Introduction: Help Jake Rabbit with his golf. Pick up egg bonuses for extra points, but remember to complete each hole in as few shots as possible for high scores!
Easter golf 001
Easter golf 002
Play Easter Golf online:

No.3 Eastern Shooter
Introduction: In each round you are presented with several targets, like Easter eggs and bottles. Shoot them and earn money . Shoot a target and it will go flying in the air, shoot it again until it explodes. There are 10 rounds total with different targets. Each target gives you 100$ bonus for each shot and a 300$ bonus when exploding, You can multiply your score by "balancing" more than one target at the same time.
Eastern shooter 001
Eastern shooter 002
How to play:
Click the target to shoot, click the pistol to reload bullets.
Play Eastern shooter online:

No.4 Easter Egg Catch
Introduction: Catch falling eggs from the chicken in the jetpack.
Easter egg catch 001
Easter egg catch 002
How to play:
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move the bunny under the falling eggs.
  • The bunny can only hold 5 eggs at a time.If the bunny is holding fewer than 5 eggs, he'll catch the falling egg.If the bunny is holding 5 eggs, he'll toss the egg back into the air.
  • Move the bunny to the basket and use the Space bar to put eggs in the basket.
  • Avoid rotten eggs.They will make you drop your eggs.
  • Catch chocolate rabbits for more speed.
Play Easter Egg Catch online:

No.5 Easter Egg Hop
Introduction: You're a hooper, a trainee Easter bunny! Use your mouse to guide hooper around the screen collecting eggs and baby chicks for Easter presents. Collect enough in time and you get a bite of the chocolate bunny and entry to the next level.
Easter egg hop 001
Easter egg hop 002
How to play:
Use mouse to move the bunny, no need to click.
Play Easter Egg Hop online:

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